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Looking for wood truss equipment? Finding great deals on used truss machinery does not have to be complicated or time consuming! All used truss equipment presented has pre- screening data from the seller to give you the tools to make an informed buying decision. Truss Machinery Connections Inc., an independent sales broker, provides experience, integrity and the power of connections to help you get the square deal you are looking for on all of your wood truss systems.  Sellers can take advantage our sales and marketing expertise along with our excellent web traffic to find potential buyers today!
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Home New Machinery Used Machinery Service-Repair Contact Us About Us Financing Search TMC 2004 TCT Saw Model 1100 Price: 	$40,000 (Asking)   FOB FL   Condition: 	Very Good (Rating = 7)   Description: 1100 Series TCT saw that cuts 2x4 and 2x6 boards.  Includes LCD computer display, a 5 HP motor with a 24" blade, a standard TCT scrap conveyor and a Mathews Inkjet marking system. Wired for 230 volt, 3 phase electrical service.  Requires 80 psi air pressure.  Saw is still in operation.  Manual and extra blade are included.  Mechanical “freshen up” maintenance, installation and training are available from TCT at an additional charge. Item No. 1001 Sample Only! List Used Machinery
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